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Design, Visual, and Media Arts

Pathway Description

Courses in the Design, Visual, and Media Arts pathway will combine competencies in film, video, computer, and live production, as well as foundational knowledge in design to introduce students to a variety of jobs in the multimedia/communications/game design workforce. Instruction will focus on the interaction between media sources in live, recorded, and web-based productions. Students will develop skills in computer design, film and video production, lighting, sound, and projection design, and print media design.  Students will use industry-standard software to create projects that will be printed in traditional and digital formats and included in a student's employment portfolio.  Students will also explore career options within this rapidly expanding industry sector.


  • Elements and Principles of Art/Design
  • Design Process
  • Computer Design
  • Photography
  • Film/Video
  • Image Editing
  • Media Design Production
  • Multimedia Design
  • Artistic Integrity
  • Historical and Cultural Perspectives
  • Professional Portfolio


  • Introduction to Media Arts and Photography
  • Intermediate Media Arts and Photography
  • AP Studio Art 2D - Media Arts (CTE)

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