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Letter of Rec

If you need a letter of recommendation from your counselor/teacher/mentor for a college application, scholarship program, and/or any other activity, you need to complete this form. Remember that the counselor/teacher/mentor writing your recommendation wants to do a good job for you, so it’s important that you follow all directions.
Click here for instructions on how to e-request the LOR on Schoolinks.

College Reps

For College Reps/Recruiters:
At Costa Mesa High School, we are using SchooLinks to make scheduling with college reps easy for everyone involved. You can see available dates/openings for engagement with our students on SchooLinks.

Get started browsing our openings by signing up for a free account here!


Senior Hub - CLASS OF 2023: PZHW-SSWN-4DGRJ 
Junior Hub - CLASS OF 2024: P95F-CFPV-GF574 
Sophomore Hub - CLASS OF 2025: Z2ZD-DDD9-G9ZNX
Freshman Hub - CLASS OF 2026: 8QWT-9WJK-R52BZ

Senior Planning Night


Contact Us

Suzy Angulo
College Guidance Specialist

Mrs. Nagy
ROP Career Specialist

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Although NMUSD has removed the community service requirement for graduation, work based learning is a great way to show desired colleges and jobs that you are ready!

If you would like to keep track of your hours, use this form.

If you have previous hours you have submitted and need verification, see counseling to have a summary printed.