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Address Change?

If your address has changed, you will need to provide the necessary documents to our counseling office to update the address. Accepted documents can be found on the NMUSD.US website – Enrollment- Address Updates.

Vision Statement

The Costa Mesa High School/Middle School Counseling Program will empower all students to find their passion, find their purpose, and find their path. Students will become independent thinkers, problem solvers, and compassionate leaders in their journey to contribute as active members in their communities and beyond.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Costa Mesa High School/Middle School Counseling Department is to proactively provide a safe environment that promotes academic achievement, exposure to career pathways, preparation for higher education, and optimal social/emotional development. In partnership with district priorities and the school-wide action plan the counseling department will infuse innovative technology to collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure that students meet their fullest potential. Our comprehensive, data-driven counseling program will facilitate opportunities for every student to develop self-advocacy, leadership, character, and the confidence to contribute in meaningful ways to the world at large.

Connect with a Counselor

Counselors at Costa Mesa High School/Middle School are readily available to assist students, parents, and staff. There will be a counselor available without an appointment on a drop-in basis before and after school, at nutrition break, and at lunch. If your assigned counselor is not available at that time, another counselor will gladly assist you.


  • EMAIL your child’s counselor directly 

  • DROP IN depending on availability


  • DROP IN before school, at nutrition, or at lunch

  • EMAIL your counselor directly

Other Resources

Contact Us

Megan Swanek
Counselor, 7th Grade 
Mrs. Swanek's Virtual Counseling Office

Hasan Asrar
Counselor, 8th Grade