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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of Costa Mesa Middle/ High School is to ensure that all students are prepared upon graduation to excel in the college and/or career of their choice.


Costa Mesa Middle/ High School is safe, nurturing, collaborative community that empowers students to strive for excellence and become high-achieving and responsible members of society.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

1. Confident communicators who:

a. read and comprehend information from a variety of sources
b. listen actively, and articulate ideas clearly in writing and speech
c. express themselves artistically
d. use technology in an ethical manner to communicate and to enrich their learning

2.  Problem solvers who:

          a.   gather, analyze, and interpret information
          b.   predict, define, and solve problems using a variety of approaches
          c.   ask and answer complex questions
          d.   demonstrate the ability to set and achieve goals

3.  Active citizens who:

          a.   practice self-discipline, display a positive work ethic, and make healthy choices
          b.   pursue post-secondary opportunities for college or career
          c.   understand and exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in our democracy
          d.   participate effectively in groups and with people from various cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds
          e.   demonstrate a commitment to community service