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Academies at CMHS/MS

What are Academies?

At Costa Mesa High School/Middle School we have academies at every grade level to help students connect to their teachers, their peers, and their school.  Students who enter as 7th graders participate in activities designed by 7th grade teachers especially to meet the needs of 7th grade students.  They receive personalization, orientation to the campus, assistance with study skills, and mentoring from 7th grade teachers.  As students move through the 8th and 9th grades, the academies change to meet their changing needs.  As 8th graders they learn about the rigors of high school and how to be successful.  As 9th graders they explore college and careers, as well as the special programs available at CMHS. 

At the end of their 9th grade year, students may choose to join one of our three career-focused academies:  the Academy of Creative Expression (ACE) for students interested in the arts, the Business Academy for students interested in business, and the Environmental and Marine Academy (EMA) for students interested in sustainability, green living, and the ocean.  Each of these academies offers college preparatory classes, specialized elective pathways focused on developing college and career skills, and a dedicated team of teachers who mentor students on a personalized level.  These academies also provide students with the opportunity to study something they love and gain a head start on their college and career pathway. 

For more information about any of the academies at Mesa, please visit the webpages on the left.