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                                               The DELTA program is a math/science/technology based pathway that enhances students learning experiences at Costa Mesa Middle/High School. This charter is established to guide them through the pathway and on to further their education


OC Science & Engineering Fair Winners

ocsef_1.jpg ocsef_2.jpg ocsef_3-3.jpg

Congratulations goes out to all our Mesa students that presented at the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair.  These students invested a significant amount of time and effort to investigate a scientific question and generate a project for the OC Science and Engineering Fair.  Four Costa Mesa students were selected as award winners for the outstanding science fair projects they submitted.  The award winners are:

Alyah Kanemoto - Second Place overall in Zoology

Ben Swanson - Honorable Mention in Physiology

Jimmy Solano - Honorable Mention in Physiology

Christina Laty - Honorable Mention in Pharmacology

Based on her second place performance, Alyah Kanemoto will also be moving on to compete at the state level.  Way to go Alyah!!!  Again, congratulations to everyone that participated and represented Costa Mesa High School/Middle School.

Delta Lab - Krebs

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Parent Commitment

  • Sign-up and utilize School loop as a way to keep informed of your students progress
  • Make internet and computer access regularly available
  • Provide a quiet place and time for school work. 
  • Sign and return all papers that require a parent or guardian’s signature
  • Encourage positive attitudes toward school
  • Require regular school attendance. 
  • Acknowledge and understand requirements for DELTA participation
  • Volunteer or participate in DELTA events whenever possible

Student Commitment

  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout middle school
  • Enroll in honors science
  • Enroll in honors pre-Algebra/ Algebra I OR rank as a high performing student in grade level math
  • Complete a science fair project in both 7th and 8th grade, obtaining a 70% or higher. Serve as mentors for incoming DELTA students
  • Participate in a minimum of one extra-curricular DELTA approved activity
  • Attend school regularly
  • Maintain satisfactory/outstanding citizenship in 7th and 8th grade
  • Submit all homework, projects, labs and other schoolwork when due
  • Compete in the American Mathematic Competition
  • Commit to continuing AP/honors science and math courses in high school

Teacher Commitment

  • Provide quality instruction and leadership
  • Utilize technology in the classroom to engage and enhance student learning
  • Maintain school loop grade book and teacher web page
  • Communicate behavioral and academic progress to students, their parents, and administration
  • Provide parents with reasonable access to staff, volunteer/participation opportunities, and observation of classroom activities
  • Provide drop-in support for students that need additional assistance on an as needed basis




• Mentorship programs 7-12th grades
• Only Honors Biology course offered to 7th graders in N-MUSD
• Only Honors Chemistry course offered to 9th graders in N-MUSD
• Access to a nationally ranked MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement) program
• Access to a nationally ranked Business Academy
• An EETT grant funded program offering laptops to middle school science students for electronic lab report submission
• Off-site interactive, enriched learning experiences through numerous local partnerships

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